Murach’s Android Programming

Book description

Android is arguably the world’s most widely used operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Millions of Android devices have been activated, and billions of apps have been installed from Google Play.

Since Android is open-source with a large community of developers, it is able to evolve according to the needs of the developers who use it. Now, you can be one of those developers with our book, Murach’s Android Programming. All you need to get started is a basic understanding of the Java programming language.

Book content

Section 1: Get started fast with Android
Chapter 1. An introduction to Android
Chapter 2. How to use Eclipse for Android development
Chapter 3. How to develop your first Android app
Chapter 4. How to test and debug an Android app

Section 2: Essential Android skills
Chapter 5. How to work with layouts and widgets
Chapter 6. How to handle events
Chapter 7. How to work with themes and styles
Chapter 8. How to work with menus and preferences
Chapter 9. How to work with fragments

Section 3: The News Reader app
Chapter 10. How to work with threads, files, adapters, and intents
Chapter 11. How to work with services and notifications
Chapter 12. How to work with broadcast receivers

Section 4: The Task List app
Chapter 13. How to work with SQLite databases
Chapter 14. How to work with tabs and custom adapters
Chapter 15. How to work with content providers
Chapter 16. How to work with app widgets

Section 5: Advanced Android skills
Chapter 17. How to deploy an app
Chapter 18. How to work with locations and maps

Appendix A. How to set up your PC for this book
Appendix B. How to set up your Mac for this book
Appendix J. How to use IntelliJ with this book

About Author

Biography, Joel Murach is the oldest son of technical publishing pioneer Mike Murach. Joel has been writing and editing books about computer programming for over 20 years now. During that time, he has written extensively on a wide range of Java, .NET, web, and database technologies. In his books, you can see Joel's clear approach to teaching any subject. Besides being a successful author, Joel also writes songs and performs with his band, the Low Rollers.

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