Continuous Enterprise Development in Java

Book description

Learn a use-case approach for developing Java enterprise applications in a continuously test-driven fashion. With this hands-on guide, authors and JBoss project leaders Andrew Lee Rubinger and Aslak Knutsen show you how to build high-level components, from persistent storage to the user interface, using the Arquillian testing platform and several other JBoss projects and tools.

Through the course of the book, you’ll build a production-ready software conference tracker called GeekSeek, using source code from GitHub. Rubinger and Knutsen demonstrate why testing is the very foundation of development—essential for ensuring that code is consumable, complete, and correct.

  • Bootstrap an elementary Java EE project from start to finish before diving into the full-example application, GeekSeek
  • Use both relational and NoSQL storage models to build and test GeekSeek’s data persistence layers
  • Tackle testable business logic development and asynchronous messaging with an SMTP service
  • Expose enterprise services as a RESTful interface, using Java EE’s JAX-RS framework
  • Implement OAuth authentication with JBoss’s PicketLink identity management service
  • Validate the UI by automating interaction in the browser and reading the rendered page
  • Perform full-scale integration testing on the final deployable archive

Book content

Chapter 1. Continuity
Chapter 2. Enabling Technologies
Chapter 3. Scratch to Production
Chapter 4. Requirements and the Example Application
Chapter 5. Java Persistence and Relational Data
Chapter 6. NoSQL: Data Grids and Graph Databases
Chapter 7. Business Logic and the Services Layer
Chapter 8. REST and Addressable Services
Chapter 9. Security
Chapter 10. The User Interface
Chapter 11. Assembly and Deployment
Chapter 12. Epilogue

About Author

Aslak Knutsen, the project lead of Arquillian, is a Senior SoftwareEngineer at JBoss, by Red Hat. He’s involved in projects such asArquillian, ShrinkWrap, Weld and Seam 3, one of the founders of theJBoss Testing initiative and a speaker at major industry conferencesincluding Devoxx, JavaOne, Jazoon, JFokus, and Geecon.

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