Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out

Book description

Welcome to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Inside Out, the definitive guide to working with Microsoft SharePoint 2013. SharePoint has been helping teams stay connected and work smarter for over a decade—and the 2013 version builds on that legacy with a plethora of new capabilities and improvements to many of the existing features. With SharePoint 2013, you have at your fingertips the most powerful web-based platform on the market. The capabilities SharePoint 2013 provides are numerous; some of the areas of functionality you will learn about in this book are:

● Document and web content management
● Designing SharePoint websites
● Enterprise search
● Business intelligence (BI) and reporting
● Workflow
● Business forms
● Enterprise social networking

Book content

  1. Chapter 1. Introducing SharePoint 2013
  2. Chapter 2. Administration for business users
  3. Chapter 3. Working with list and library apps
  4. Chapter 4. Working with collaboration sites
  5. Chapter 5. Using Office applications with SharePoint
  6. Chapter 6. Sharing information with SharePoint social networking
  7. Chapter 7. Using and creating workflows
  8. Chapter 8. Planning site content
  9. Chapter 9. Creating and formatting content pages
  10. Chapter 10. Adding, editing, connecting, and maintaining web parts
  11. Chapter 11. Managing documents
  12. Chapter 12. Designing web content management sites
  13. Chapter 13. Implementing compliance, records management, and eDiscovery
  14. Chapter 14. Planning for business intelligence and key performance indicators
  15. Chapter 15. Implementing better business intelligence with Excel Services and SQL Server 2012
  16. Chapter 16. Building powerful dashboards with PerformancePoint Services
  17. Chapter 17. Working with Visio Services
  18. Chapter 18. Discovering information with SharePoint 2013 Search
  19. Chapter 19. Creating a customized SharePoint 2013 search experience
  20. Chapter 20. Creating, managing, and designing sites
  21. Chapter 21. Creating enterprise forms
  22. Chapter 22. Working with external content
  23. Chapter 23. Introduction to custom development

About Author

Christina Wheeler, MCTS, is a SharePoint consultant and trainer. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Christina is a frequent speaker at SharePoint conferences and community events.

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