Microsoft SharePoint Online for Office 365

Book description

Use SharePoint Online to provide today’s most advanced collaboration capabilities--without managing your own infrastructure! This concise reference will help you configure and manage SharePoint Online to meet your requirements for functionality, performance, and compliance. Bill English covers user profiles, security, search, records management, App Catalogs, metrics, and more--to derive maximum value from SharePoint Online.

Book content

  1. Choose the version of SharePoint Online that is best for you
  2. Manage profiles, properties, audiences, permissions, policies, and MySite settings
  3. Use Business Connectivity Services to make SharePoint Online your central hub for all business information
  4. Make the most of SharePoint search, indexing, and records and document management
  5. Create and manage security and App Catalogs
  6. Solve the core issues of governance, risk, compliance, taxonomies, and training

About Author

Bill English, is an author, trainer, and consultant specializing in enterprise content management and collaboration. As a business owner and Minnesota psychologist, he uses his experience and training to help organizations get more from their information and SharePoint investments. The author of 14 books on SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange Server, and security, he was selected as a Microsoft MVP for the SharePoint platform 11 years in a row.