Pro SharePoint with jQuery

Book description

Since you’ve picked up this book about SharePoint and jQuery I am going to assume you know a little about SharePoint and have an idea of what jQuery is and what it does. This book will also assume that you have done some client-side programming with JavaScript and are familiar with using methods such as getElementById(). jQuery is one of those buzzwords that has been around for a little while now but with Microsoft’s decision to make it part of the official development platform more people are taking a serious look at what it can do for them.

This book is not looking to teach you everything about SharePoint: there are many books on that topic. The aim of Pro SharePoint with jQuery is to take you all the way from understanding why SharePoint and jQuery are good partners and how to get them to play nicely and on to giving you enough information, examples, and desire to explore what can be achieved. In your daily life on the Internet you would be hard-pressed not to come across a site that makes use of jQuery. According to one web site (, there are 25 million sites using jQuery, and almost a quarter of the top 1 million sites use it. What can be achieved using this relatively small file is frankly very impressive and you will get to explore what it is about this library that makes it so very popular. 

Who This Book Is For 

This book is primarily written for SharePoint developers who are looking to expand their knowledge into working with jQuery. SharePoint and jQuery is for intermediate programmers interested in building rich, interactive web parts, application pages, and more using the combined power of jQuery and SharePoint. jQuery is one of those technologies that has been around for a few years, and the kind of functionality it offers is really quite amazing. Many of the “slick” web sites these days have a splash of jQuery in their mix; if you want to bring this kind of dazzle to SharePoint, then this book is for you.

Book content

  1. Introducing jQuery
  2. Integrating jQuery into SharePoint
  3. Common jQuery Features, Actions and Methods
  4. Debugging
  5. Viewing SharePoint Data using jQuery
  6. Building a Task List Viewer Application Page
  7. Adding Controls to Create, Edit, and Delete Tasks
  8. Enhancing SharePoint with jQuery
  9. Using jQuery Plugins to Enhance SharePoint 
  10. Extending jQuery

About Author

Phill Duffy, is a professional SharePoint Developer at Lightning Tools Ltd. He lives in the amazing city of Bristol, U.K. with his gorgeous partner Pip and wonder-dog Billy . Phill s passion for speaking has allowed him to present at conferences in London, Boston, and San Diego on SharePoint and jQuery and the SharePoint BCS. He runs the South West England SharePoint User Group and has a Microsoft Community Contributor Award as well as an MCTS: Application Development for SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

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