Sharepoint 2013 branding and User Interface design

Book description

This book is intended to explain the beginner features but also to provide knowledge of the underlying SharePoint branding technology so that you can build a complete solution for branding your SharePoint site, whether it is an internal intranet site or a public-facing Internet site. Making the SharePoint user interface look good requires a designer that is comfortable with design theory and traditional web technologies, as well as having the ability to deal with topics traditionally handled by developers. Not everyone who picks up this book is looking to become the next Picasso of SharePoint. For these readers, the first two sections of the book are dedicated to understanding just enough about SharePoint branding to plan, create, and apply custom designs to their sites. After you become comfortable with the basics of SharePoint branding, the second two sections of the book take you on a tour of creating custom SharePoint branding from scratch, providing the background knowledge needed to understand how the new, easy branding features work behind the scenes.

Who should read this book

One of the most common SharePoint requests you might hear is to make a site “not look like SharePoint.” In most organizations this request might be made to someone who wears many hats but isn’t
specifically a web designer. In other cases, the request might be made to a web designer or even a developer. To many of those users, SharePoint branding might simply mean that you want to change some colors and put your company header at the top of the page, whereas other users want to create a highly branded corporate intranet portal with a cutting-edge design. This book is intended for a wide range of readers and skill levels. There is a basic assumption that you have some understanding of how modern websites are created. This includes knowledge of HTML, CSS, and some understanding of the creative design process.

Book content

  1. Part 1: The Basics
    1. Chapter 1. What is SharePoint Branding and UI Design?
    2. Chapter 2. SharePoint Overview
    3. Chapter 3. Working with the SharePoint 2013 User Interface
  2. Part 2: Planning a Design and Getting Started
    1. Chapter 4. Planning for Branding
    2. Chapter 5. Using the Design Manager to Start a Design in SharePoint
    3. Chapter 6. Cascading Style Sheets and SharePoint
  3. Part 3: Advanced SharePoint Branding
    1. Chapter 7. Creating Custom Master Pages and Page Layouts
    2. Chapter 8. Advanced SharePoint Branding Tasks
    3. Chapter 9. Creating Content Rollups with SharePoint WCM
    4. Chapter 10. Composed Looks and Custom Branding
  4. Part 4: Other Branding Concepts
    1. Chapter 11. Modern Web Design and SharePoint
    2. Chapter 12. Designing Apps

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