Windows 10 For Dummies

Book description

A good way to get familiar and running windows 10, with Windows 10 For Dummies you can get the update of new features in the latest version of Windows. Includes useful tips to help you get the most out of software. This book helps you to manage windows tasks with new interface, working with mouse, touchscreen, connecting to the web and make a quick fix if you run into problem.

Assuming no prior knowledge of the software, Windows 10 For Dummies addresses the updates to Windows and shows you how to get things accomplished. Focusing on the features you'll go to again and again, this new edition of this bestselling tech book will have you quickly finding files, connecting to the Web, gathering your email and social accounts in one spot, managing apps, creating and managing accounts, using online tools, customizing your settings, and so much more—making you a Windows whiz in no time.

  • Helps you navigate the twists and turns of the updated Windows interface
  • Provides easy-to-follow answers to all of your Windows questions
  • Illustrates the new features of Windows 10
  • Quickly gets you up to speed on figuring out the changes to the latest version of Windows

Whether you're new to Windows or just looking to get up to speed on what's changed in its latest release, this is the only resource you'll need.


Learn to:

  • Navigate Windows with a mouse or a touchscreen
  • Find lost files and missing apps
  • Add email addresses for quick access
  • Create accounts for your family or guests

Get Windows 10 advice from the series that helped millions of readers

Windows 10 combines the best features of previous Windows releases into an operating system built to run modern devices. Whether you got Windows 10 with a new gadget or updated an old PC with the new version, this book answers your Windows 10 questions in a snap. Open the book to find help with navigating, customizing, and getting results from Windows 10.

  • Pull back the curtain on Windows 10 — create your Windows account, find all the classic Windows tools, and test the features unique to Windows 10
  • Start at the Start menu — maneuver your way around the new Windows 10 Start menu and use it to launch your programs and apps
  • Welcome to the world of Windows — get past the lock screen, sign-in like a breeze, make sense of user accounts, and keep your account private with a password
  • Make the Windows 10 desktop work for you — spread several programs across the screen, create folders to easily organize your files, customize the taskbar, and use the Recycle Bin to discard unwanted items (and easily retrieve recently deleted files if you need them—whew!)

Open the book and find:

  • How Windows 10 blends classic and new Windows features
  • Windows 10 hardware requirements
  • Why Windows 10 runs well on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones
  • A tour of the Windows 10 interface
  • Steps for setting up multiple accounts on one Windows 10 device
  • Step-by-step instructions for launching programs and apps
  • Ways to make programs easier to find
  • Guidance on setting up mobile desktops

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Andy Rathbone, is author of all editions of Windows For Dummies as well as For Dummies titles on Microsoft Surface, upgrading and fixing PCs, and many other tech topics. His books can be found around the globe in over 30 languages. Andy answers reader questions and shares Windows updates at

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